Ramanath Gopalan

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Today is 14th April 2015 Tuesday. It's just after midnight. Below is an excerpt from my anecdotes, which is in the distant past, which is 1983 onwards.

I had to put just this on the web. I could not work on this any further so I hope that bits and pieces make sense. My ambition is to reach the press far and wide on the globe. Sometimes publication of news can be impossible. I want to achieve the impossible.

There are some folks here locally. I deliberately choose not to name them. They will call here claiming to be concerned. If they are concerned they must stay away. Again I have been character assassinated repeatedly by certain people over the university thing below and that's something that happened because

I think someone makes sure my web pages are not ever seen. However my web pages mutate and show popups and advertisements I never allowed showing that someone is in control of my web pages. Struggling under enormous pressure I have no time to improve my computer skills while a couple of days ago discovered logging files obviously placed by a hacker. Recently someone wiped out all the web pages on my server, papertigers.me.uk. My host, Westhost have said I can have as long a password as I want. So that's what I'll do plus will check my site daily to see that it has not been taken down. I will put my pages back if they are taken down on a daily basis

I can't cope with the hatred lonliness ostrasization. I cant improve on the text block below, because I can feel within me no human will talk to me as long as I live. So I hope it makes sense here and there-I could not read it . As I explained I am going to have to make an international issue about those people who become very concerned and call here.

Interesting stories first

* * * News item about Gopalan and testimony of Sean Kabatoff***

The newspaper in question is called India abroad, an American newspaper whose office is situated in new York. The article in question appeared in this newspaper, most certainly in July 1987. The article titled "Arizona doctor is censured" by Lynn Hudson this article appeared either on page 10 of the 12th of July, or page 12 of the 10th of July of 1987. but because India abroad was a weekly publication, only one of the dates, 10th July and 12th July can be a correct publication date.

The contents of the article traveled with me to Canada in 1995 when I gave it to one Shawn Kabatoff. The article got lost when in my possession, but after coming to England in 2004, precisely sometime after 2008, I found Shawn kindly posted the article on the web along with his comments about me and about himself. In 2013 or thereabouts I managed to speak on the phone to Shawn who was a famous person of the city of Saskatoon. The older rapport was no longer there but after some time he seemed to disappear off the surface of the earth so I can only hope he is alive and well

Arizona Doctor Is Censured

by Lynn Hudson

New York - The Arizona Board of Medical Examiners has censured and placed on probation a Tucson psychiatrist , Dr. Ramanath Gopalan, after his earlier admission of having sex with a terminally-ill patient. A spokesman for the board, Douglas Cerf, said yesterday the actions came after a hearing in Phoenix on June 26th. He said that Gopalan had admitted in a hearing in Phoenix on April 9th to two incidents of oral sex with a 32-year-old woman patient in 1986 while he was treating her for depression related to severe cirrhosis of the liver. Arizona state law prohibits doctors from having sexual intimacies with a patient in the course of direct treatment .

Admits Wrongdoing

Cerf said that in admitting to the acts at the hearing, Gopalan had told the board, I admit it was wrong. The patient , whom the board would not identify, died in December. Gopalan was ordered at the April meeting to undergo psychiatric testing and evidence from those tests was presented at the hearing in Tucson. Cerf said that a decree of censure, a formal disciplinary action, had been issued against Gopolan, 36, and t hat he had been placed on probation for five years. The censure was based on findings of fact, Cerf said, and on conclusions of law. It was circulated to all states in the country, he added.

Cerf said thathe did not expect a criminal prosecution to be brought against the psychiatrist because his patient was now deceased and any evidence in such a case would be based on hearsay.

The board had the power to revoke Gopalan's medical license if it had seen fit, but the censure and probation actions did not prohibit him from practicing during the period of probation.

The board learned of the sexual incident s, Cerf said, after the patient discussed them with a doctor at a hospital.

Cites Father's Illness

Cerf said that at the April hearing Gopalan offered as a mitigating circumstance the fact that his father had died of cirrhosis before the incidents and that this had affected his behavior. Gopalan was a 1976 graduate of the Topiwala National Medical College in Bombay, Cerf said, and had taken psychiatric training at the Universi ty of Arizona, beginning in 1980.

He was licensed as a psychiatrist by the state of Arizona in August 1985, Cerf said. I n Tucson, Gopalan is associated with the Arizona Behavioral Medical Associates.

Neither Gopalan nor his attorney, Charles Buri, could be reached for comment .

- End of story* * * * * * * * *

Sean Kabatoff says:

Mohini says that she was incarcerated in Kino Hospital in Tucson Arizona, and then a man who she never met named Sanford S. Berlin ( home 577- 7924, work 322- 4732) gave t testimony in court t hat Mohini was insane.

Mohini's situation is similar to my experience. I n the summer of 1995 ( less than a year before meeting Mohini) my Hindu psychiatrist.

Dr. Thakur (her office is at 222 Ave. P South, phone 652- 8777, home is 307 Mallin Crescent , phone 249- 0576) downgraded me from being schizophrenic to psychotic, and then in order for her to incarcerat e and torture me for longer than the 3 week period she needed another psychiatristto agree wit h her t hat I was psychotic..

So along comes Dr. K. E. Oberdieck ( his office is at 104 -750 Spadina Crescent East , phone 653- 4843, home is 302 Saskatchewan Crescent West , phone 652- 3870, the suffixes of his two phone nu bers differ by 666 plus Thakur's 307 address) , he came to my hospital room and interviewed mefor all of 5 m inut es during which t ime I don't say a single crazy thing to him to m ake him believe t hat Iwas ment ally im paired in any way. Dr. Oberdieck agreed with the Hindu's diagnosis of psychosis and I was tortured with drugs for an addit ional 3 weeks. .

Then at the end of the 6 week period Dr. Thakur tried to m ake use of the new NDP provincial law to have me continually medicated for the restof my life while outof the psychiatric facilit ies (asopposed to period 6week periods) ..

I w ent to appeal over the matter, at the appeal Dr.Thakur said that I was continually going around claim ing that witches were eating children but in fact I never brought up the topic of cannibalism once with her or anybody in the psychiatric ward for the 6 weeks that I was there, nor had Imentioned the topic in the ward for the previous several years. Dr. Thakur lied to the appeal panel and I told them t hat it was a lie, but it 's not easy to defend oneself when drugged into a stupor, and it 's made more difficult as the people seat ed on the appeal panel are representatives of Sunday churches who are upset wit h my criticism s of their churches. I was the first person charged under the new NDP law for permanent chemical lobotomization and I won my appeal.

Free student attorney Scott Bell represent ed me and he pointed out t hat the forms charging me under the new law were not filled out correctly, but Scott Bell also informed the staff that the form s were filled out incorrectly before the hearing and by doink so provided the psychiatrists and their staff wit h information that could of been useful to them (he was supposed to be represent ing me and here he was feeding information to my executioners) . So both Mohini and myself have our mothers andpsychiatrists giving false testimony against us, this false testimony is best described asdevastat ing... and m ore so when people in the community who should be supportive are instead abusive and incompassionate. And the greater the degree these people feel assured of their salvation, the greater the degree is their compassionlessness and abusiveness.

Dad was born on the 18t h. Mohini and her parents were born on days of the month adding to 61 ( 18th prime). Mohini adds to 68 ( Exodus 1 . The family was born in years adding to 188. Dad and Viju were born on days of the year adding to 188. Primes Non- Primes Numbers

2 1 1 3 4 2 5 6 3m 7 8 4 11 9 5 13 10 6 17 12 7 19 14 8

23 15 9 29 16 10 31 18 11 37 20 12 41 21 13 43 22 14 47 24 15 53 25 16

59 26 17 61 27 18 67 28 19 71 30 20 73 32 21 79 33 22 83 34 23 89 35 24

Excerpt from my story

When I came to USA got post-graduate study I joined at Purdue University but I had got admission in Biochemistry which was not my subject. I moved to Physics in January 1984 because I got admission in Physics. I had funding at both places, and need assistance from my family who at that time were not prepared to give this, had I been in a relationship with them.

I had decided to “perform surgery” and “cut chop throw” my parents. This was somewhat a shock for me, but I knew it was good for me and it was my cross to bear, and nobody else's. I did contact some relatives who were in the US at that time. I told them I did not want my parents. I guess I don't know what else I told them as I don't remember what happened so long ago.

I thought I could -well – develop a friendship with my relatives, who would have to respect my wishes to not disclose my whereabouts to my parents, or they would stalk me. The relatives in question broke their promise to me and spilled the beans to my parents. I would have all okay had they not done so. First there was an aunt and her son's wife and some cousins who I visited.

I thought I had a right to be respected and severance would be automatic. Westerners supported me and in their culture they could do that. I mean now women are on a lower level and gender equality had been abolished from Western society to prevent women having to face challenges in life so we have a different kind of scenario, with (in England) mental health and agencies forming a substitute for a moral spine.

Anyhow after my parents found out where I was, that was the beginning of the end, My parents started to write me one letter a day, and contrary to what specially Indians and women generally said this was NOT okay nor was the content of the letters which made me sick while I felt fear to not open them. I did not find just grey and red powders also white powders in the envelopes and my life became a lonely terror

I guess women tend to say this is all right if you parents stalk you all the time, but I think it is all right particularly for them. Women are satiated on a much lower level of dignity than men and this difference is appallingly big in the UK. I once met a group of prostitutes in a cafe and the restaurateur shouted bastard but they grabbed his hand and started saying sweet things. I guess women have no responsibilities in life and can open their whole day to that kind of crap.

Look I could not be doing post graduate studies in Physics and coping with that mail, What occupations women normally follow are consistent with coping with that kind of stuff which drains your energy

Well my phone number became ex-directory, and I was also changing it. It took about 3 weeks each time my ex-directory phone number which was changed to another ex-directory number before they would find it. Who? The Indian community in Tucson AZ. And why did they find it? I was trying to change my number because I was getting early morning calls which were usually silent but the spoken calls told me who the callers were and why I was getting those calls. They were a South Indian woman saying my Radha Venkataramanan wants to speak to Mohini Venkataramanan. Your mother wants you to give up your studies and go back to India.

The fact I would not give my phone number to the Physics department made me unpopular with the supervisor under whom I was working as a teaching assistant. I was eventually unable to cope and while I kept maintaining my TA duties my grades fell below B so I stopped having a TA.

In fact to ,my knowledge my parents visited Tucson twice, they stayed with an old Jewish family who were a friend of my dad's, the man told me he chucked my father out of his house as my father told him he had come to USA to disrupt his daughters studies. My parents left the Schoenfelds in San Francisco and stayed in an Indian motel outside Tucson.

My parents who were residents and citizens of India made calls to the Tucson Hindu temple for them to grab me, because they did not get sufficient co-operation from the Physics department during their incessant calls which embarrassed me and made my life unacceptable.

In order to disrupt my studies more than is possible through international phone calls, my parents, they visited Tucson in in 1984 and 1985 without my knowledge, and then contacted me. I did not give my parents my home address in Tucson as I felt that my father would break down the door and enter, if I did not open the door, once he knew my address.

They stayed with a Hindu family that ran a motel, who reported to me that my father had told them he was visiting Tucson to try and "force me". During my stay at the University of AZ I was getting 4am silent calls, and calls from women with Tamil accent threatening dire consequences if did not surrender to the wishes of my mother to give up my studies and return to India. "Your parents gave you life; they have a right to take it" the women said. "when parents have 3-4 kids, they sometimes like to KEEP one child for life" the women said, a statement echoed independently later by some of my aunts

My parents also visited the international student adviser Mr Horness during this period and may have offered him a bribe....I went to an appointment with Mr Horness to get an off-campus work permit, as my grades had fallen to a B and I had lost my teaching assistant ship. I had been getting harassing letters two a day from the parents and their relatives.

Anyway when I went to the appointment to get what i needed for an off campus work permit, which was straight forward procedure in those days. you just got it stamped at the downtown federal office. Mr Horness surprised me by saying that he had had a visit to him international students office from my parents and so had decided to not give me to work permit. he said my parents loved me and pestered me to see the university psychiatrist to restore my love for my parents. Mr Horness gave me a cheque to live on, saying he was giving me this university charity cheque ( it was called Altrusa Loan Fund)available to students going through patches, in lieu of an off-campus work permit.

Horness said, despite my protests that I was mentally feeble-minded and needed to study 24 hours a day to keep up with courses and that was why i should not be allowed to work part-time. Thereafter Horness pressured me to see the university shrink (his name was Murray M d'Armond) and he did not seem nice. sounded to me as hypocritical and giving mock sympathy. so i quit after seeing him twice. d'Armond did mention that he had been visited once in 1984, and once in 1985 and asked him for my psychiatric capture and return to india.

Mr Horness had given me two monthly cheques to live on, and the 3rd cheque he gave bOUNCED. I had paid my rent by cheque using the strength of that monthly U of A cheque. Neither I (nor the bank I guess) had even dreamt that a cheque written from a bonafide University of Arizona chequebook would BOUNCE. I only knew that Mr Horness's cheque bounced, when a nasty eviction notice was dropped by the landlord to leave AT ONCE!! Mr Horness said money all gone. I had no place to stay....

Gopalan's meeting with me seemed to be an accident, for a ruffian once flicked cigarette ash in my food, at the student cafeteria, upon which I had missiled my tiny salsa cup onto his shirt. I saw him rub his eye and say the word salt, and then he ans his eye and all of him were just fine and he walked off. I was soon arrested by a very bitchy police woman and man for a class 1 misdemeanor, while lawyers later told me one does not even get a class 3 for a silly thing like that. The charge was later dropped after a complied with a judge to meet the university psychologist once, but because I was weeping at being charged, they were able to let me choose the option to talk to counselors, and a man and woman ( i had no idea what they were) took me in a van and made me see Gopalan at Kino, who just seemed like an ugly &nasty piece of goods and then i thought the crap was all over..

I had later been introduced taround this time to Gopalan's wife;s brother Umashankar by an Indian girl Anjana Roychowdhury who was doing PhD in Chemistry at U of A and was daughter of my chemistry teacher in middle school in Calcutta. Umashanker, Gopalan and his wife Meena were presidents of Tuscon Hindu Temple. When I met Ray Umashankar at Anjana's flat he had told me that it was not normal to not get along with one's parents for which he felt his brother-in-law Gopalan must give forced psychiatric treatment until I cooperated with parents wishes.

Gopalan told me after using fraud to have me brought to Kino Hospital, Tucson on 15 May 1986, that he knew my father personally, and that my father had met with himself (Gopalan)and asked him to lock me up in a lunatic asylum for life.

Gopalan claimed that he as a favor requested by my father he was going to move me to a locked and isolated cell in a psychiatric ward in Phoenix AZ where he (Gopalan) would be the only person who would ever meet me.

He would then drug me, he said, so that I was blown out of my mind, and use that to declare me mentally incompetent. He said he would drug and make me mentally incompetent, thus and keep on getting court extensions till be kept me for life.

I knew right away that Gopalan was intending to knock me completely unconscious and then rape me.

I expressed disbelief about my father having made such a request, but a decade later, obtained evidence that indeed some such thing was TRUE.

I was protected by the American justice system at that time, so that Gopalan was neither allowed to give psychiatric treatment, nor could be "section" me.

Perhaps the fact that the Physics professors did not believe the psychiatrist's allegations and even visited the ward to meet me helped matters. I got a state-appointed lawyer in a twinkling because of them. I was not happy with him but he gave me the protection against psychiatric treatment.

But I was left shattered after the abuse I had received at Kino Hospital.

Pima County Superior Court ruled Gopalan had been unsuccessful in obtaining evidence that I was mentally incompetent. Gopalan did not win his case even though he got staff at the hospital to write lots of lies and fabricated incident reports about me like I was talking to teacups etc

During my 3 weeks stay in Kino, Gopalan sent a Mexican Physician Ed to the ward where I was incarcerated to tell me that many doctors would have sex with me, and both men and women doctors and patients were available at Kino for sex. One morning, when there were 2-3 psychiatrists, several mental nurses and so many inmates watching, Gopalan kissed and molested a young Mexican woman who was like a zombie. He did this in broad daylight, with so many "responsible" " professionals" watching. The victim did not know what was happening, she responded to his advances. She was a real zombie, who could walk eat but otherwise understood absolutely nothing.

Of course those psychiatrists and mental nurses, male and female, did not seem to think that there was anything wrong with Gopalan's behavior

Even before all this happened I had protected myself from Gopalan's advances by kicking up a fuss when Gopalan pressured me to go to his room alone. I forced them to give me a nurse to go with me,a woman. I knew what he was trying to do; as such another woman a single young white American told me she had been falsely sectioned and was getting involuntary treatments for a 6 month period. He was able to do this to her because she had no familial support; and her mother wanted her locked up, she said. Gopalan's ambition was to lock up as many helpless young women as possible, under false pretext, and then try to get them involved sexually.

Gopalan was only allowed to keep people for 48 hours. If at the end he did not have evidence to convince a judge I was mentally incompetent he had to release me. But he kept getting extensions of time from the judge saying he was waiting for witness reports from the Indian community in Tucson which proved I was a prostitute (untrue of course) and kept getting extensions of time detaining me for 3 weeks at Kino before the court ruled that he has exhausted the time limit to prove me gravely disabled

The law allowed psychiatrists to detain a person for a max of 48 hours if suspected to be a danger to self or others gravely disabled--not able to feed and take care of oneself. If at the end of 48 hours they are found to be incompetent they can be given involuntary committal for 6 months. To put them in for 48 hours the psych need to convince a judge that is necessary and that the person will not come voluntarily. The accused has a right to be informed and appear at the judge's proceedings to defend themselves if they are willing and able to do so.

Gopalan had initially got me admitted to Kino for a 48 hour evaluation by getting permission from a judge to arrest me. He had obtained this under false pretexts. He had reported to the judge that I was so gravely disabled that I would be at risk if not detained, and that he had seen and evaluated me already. But people who are compulsorily detained for 48 hours for a psychiatric evaluation have a legal right to know before this happens, to submit to evaluation voluntarily, or to appear at the hearing where a psych wants them detained for 48 hours, to defend themselves before the judge, by saying that they are not mentally incompetent

Of course, Gopalan got around having to allow to judge to meet me by having 3 white American Tucson psychiatrists 2 men 1 woman (their names were Sanford S Berlin, Michael D Breslow and Regina <>Lawless<>)to LIE that they had seen me and also found me gravely disabled. I was doing a summer job as grader in the maths department, at that time, and so I was getting my paychecks which would not have happened if I was not doing my work properly on time, which could not happen if I was gravely disabled

And later after Gopalan had fraudulently incarcerated me in Kino, GREATLY RESPECTED INDIAN COMMUNITY AND TUCSON HINDU TEMPLE MEMBERS WHO HAD MSCs AND PHDs IN SCIENCE told me on the phone that they were going to lie about me to Gopalan and say they saw me getting into cars, so that Gopalan could lock me up, because these Indians wanted me to obey my parents. You know in both USA and Canada my parents had called the local Hindu temple set up a manhunt for me, and in both countries Indians had told me they call a woman who does not want her parents a prostitute. My parents were permanently banned from entering Canada as the Canadian authorities had a mixed response to their frantic psychiatric emergency calls

When I returned to India from san franscisco there was a brief attempt to detain me at new delhi airport. It may have been that my father was ensuring that even after their wish to bring me back to india had been fulfilled he wanted to make sure i did not run elsewhere than the "safe" psychiatric prison that was his home.

After I returned my mother told me gloatingly that she had given money to mr Horness and asked him to give it to me without telling me that it was from them I was kept prisoner in the home of my parents in new delhi from 1986 to 1995 and psychiatric drugs and unknown substances introduced into my food in a bid to keep me from leaving home. I have taped my parents without their knowledge, attesting to this fact.

During these 9 years my father was into criminal activities my mother practised sorcery, with a group of paid and unpaid friends to keep the police away. I don't know why people hate me so much if I say that my fathers qualification was MSc in Chemistry and that he had a perverted desire to administer poisons slowly for a long period and study the effects and he was doing it to me.

I don't know why people hate me so much if I testify about the truth, than my father after dismissal in 1983 from Imperial Chemical Industries in London (I believe they now go by the name of Astra Zeneca, but I'm not sure) became Chairman of IDPL, Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited, and became linked via underground interdepartmental corridors to Indian Government politicians, were pro the assassination of all Muslims from the planet, (they also dislike "Jews" and blacks) and my father was in a criminal business with senior doctors of the Indian Medical council, with whom he had a strange and intimate relationship.

My father was also called to be an informal judge to acquit a doctor who had purposely murdered a patient in a temper. My father sympathized with the killer. He had men assistants heavy-muscled men in motorcycles who went in and out of jail, and called him "don" and "chief"

A decade later, in 1996 when I tried to study at the University of Saskatchewan I was able to get information and records about what had happened before I left the USA in 1986. It turns out my father's name appeared in the Pima county superior court records as having told them that he was in Tucson on business as he was a businessman (this was a lie as he could have only come ona visitor's visa) and wanted me locked up in a mental hospital. I love my 28 year old baby Mohini and she was born insane, he had told the court.....

So obviously this was a 3rd time my parents visited US and tucson where they had NO business but that I studied there, this time they did not contact me or let me know they were i town; they only did a conspiracy to get me off the studies and back to india. In 1996 Simon Horness, who was stiff alive, admitted to a close relationship with my parents, who he said took him to lunch and he even had a group photo taken with them

I taped some things but did not use the tapes . These cassettes were abandoned in the basement of Tim, my Canadian boyfriend. I taped my Plasma Physics Supervisor Prof Akira Hirose who was famous for being a good physicist and a bad person saying "In my opinion if you father wants you to die, you must do so." he said.

"whether you should die at your father's command depends on the law of the land", he said. I had printouts of emails sent by my parents to Akira and the International student advisor Mr kurt tischler asking for me and a woman at the main admin office told me my mother was pestering her all the time on the phone for my physical address. I also taped Ken Smith the university registrar saying that my father was his personal buddy, and he (ken smith) desired, out of loyalty to my father, a dear and loved phone buddy who phones from India,to kick me out of the university of saskatchewan.

Mr tischler said he had an intimate relationship with local immigration officers and his phone calls helped them to decide who to deport from Canada. In fact Akira Hirose told me that I had no competence and no skills and was unfit to live in Canada. He said that he did not understand how I could have got a respectable score of 760 in my Physics GRE. Akira Hirose said that he wanted to make sure that I could never get into any country other than India, and he wanted also to make sure that no university in the world would take me.

After him so many others even the local mormon church has told me that I am removable from the human race. All such people as a rule have had two things london hyde park ward in common:they had all pestered me to keep be with women when I was unwilling. They have all also had an interest and sense of competition about science or aspired for great scores iq tests- something to do with the mensa. Akira himself having lived for at least 20 years in the west had a wife who could not speak a word of english. she was the type that tottered around on tiny feet cooking and cleaning. So my torture and removability from the human race is all about women sex science and competition.

Hirose gave unfair marks and although there was a re-evaluation procedure in existence, but they mis-directed me to student counselling, and the PhD in psychology woman Dr Sawchyn said she wanted me to go to jail, and made false allegations.

There was a law, that anybody who is not a canadian citizen or landed immigrant, as would be true of those on a student visa, can be arrested without an offence by immigration (CIC). I think it's preventive detention or whatever. But they are not allowed me keep you for more than 48 hours without a detention review. The rule is meant for CIC to easily catch miscreants without having to wait until they have evidence.

It may be o ne of those unfortunate laws that immigration are expected to never misuse. Its called suspected violation of the immigration act. It immediately followed a silent call from Mr tischler to our home (me and tim) which we traced to his number and later he had made lame excuses for that call. We felt it was to make sure I was there so he could send immigration to arrest me. but they did not arrest me, they pretended it was a friendly chat tricked sweetly into car etc until many rows of magnetically locked dooors clicked shut behind us in higher stories of a tall downtown saskatoon building .Then they sprung a surprise on me.

At which point the man of the pair of immigration officers Marvin Allan said that my father had phoned him, as well as phoned several greatly respected men of the City of Saskatoon from India, explaining how much he (my father) loved his lifelong mentally incompetent baby (myself)and that my father had requested my deportation to india where I could safely recieve lifelong psychiatric care in my parents home. Mr allan said he and all the other greatly respected men had listened to the calls and were convinced of my father's sincerity and love of his child, and felt that I should be deported in deference to his wishes

After saying they had no drinking water or food etc Tim eventually made his way into my cell that day and said he had been informed I had threatened something like 2 churches and 3 secretaries in Saskatoon. Tim told them I was living with him in Saskatoon all the while at a time when I was supposed to have "followed a WHITE female" in Regina. I have never been to that place. The names of the complainants were help secret, as was the actual offence, or threat. they would not disclose what it is I had done.

They also acted like they were gagging a tiger and moved me into a room by edging, and there I saw a very sinister and evil looking men. I used my wits to stop Dr Aubrey Levine physically carting me off to a mental unit where he said he would drug me for 3 months until I lost my memory, then I would have no more complaints about my parents etc and he would deport me after I'd lost my thinking. You will find yourself in a new dimension he said. It was the 30th of may 1997 a friday

After levine's departure Mr Allan started mocking that Levine was going to bring a terrible psychiatric report about me on monday, which he said would damn my stay in canada. He said good I am glad if the handcuffs hurt you and I went down 4-5 stories on the steps with Mr Allan who dropped me off to wait in the parked car which had in it Mrs Southgate. The latter told me

"Every work that you spoke to Dr Levine with be used against you to incriminate you" she agreed Dr levine would give a "very crazy report" of me the following monday which would be faxed to two other immigration psychiatrists in ottawa who will agree entirely with Dr Levines opinion of you so there would be three qualified professionals testifying against you"....At my final destination I was informed that I was inside an RCMP jail.....

CIC later made a false arrest of me for absonding*, to detain me until deportation. But a coincidence happened that was very embarrassing to them. On the day when they had set up a warrant for my arrest for absconding, I ended up, of all things a the downtown calgary CIC office.

I knew only later why I was literally being grabbed by the neck by one Carole Dubois, to later serve for about 18 months or so as my removals officer for the CIC and thrown out of the immigration office, which had to close before time to justify my expulsion. Even though I had proof the absconding charge was false they used brute force to detain me under that charge.

But the day i had barged into the immigartion office asking for a refugee application form. Carole had to give it to me. I stayed outside the fedral office and filled out the form which I gave a man who said he also worked somewhere inside in that office. They were not supposed to close a federal office before time, he said. He asked me who had kicked me out, and I gave a description of carole's distinctive hairstyle as I did not know her name at that time. oh yes I know what woman you mean, I understand why nobody can get along with that woman , he said. It was the 12th of dec 1997 a friday.

Immigration liked fridays because the 48 hour rule was relaxed when there were bank holidays when they could help me longer, and there would be no phone calls to attorneys. Actually they had already done a second friday at tim's but owing to a sixth sense premonition I had fled to calgary only the previous day when they arrived at tim's wanting to ransack the place. there was no problem, he was cool, they looked around and left satisfied. I was living with tim and there was no question of absconding. I did not expect them to come, I just felt a 6th sense premonition to leave immediately without having a clue why, and got the bad news the next day that CIC had raided

i'd already obtained permission to visit saskatton to spend christmas with tim. I later got a landlord testimony about my conversation with Melinda Granter a CIC officer who gave me permission to travel. They had never asked me to report and as such knew where I lived and so there was no question of absconding. So I submitted the refugee form, and arrived at tim's on 14th of dec 1997 at which time he was delighted to see me which did not last. Allan and Southgate liked now to come on a the 23rd of dec 1997 saying I was absonding. They liked this tuesday because boxing day is a full national holiday in canada and that can tell you if you use simple mental arithmetic how much more than 48 hours they could stretch the 48 hour rule.

They desired to hold a deportation hearing before I could fill out the refugee application form. This in practice is very difficult to achieve. I had already filled one out and submitted it while I was in Calgary and they's thrown me out of the office which they closed before closing time just for me. They even tried to make me have the deportation hearing without a lawyer and to section me unlawfully using brute force to get me in a room with two shrinks inside it and that would be sufficient to concoct evidence to section me.

The Sri Lankan lawyer overcharged, was moralisatic about my living with Tim without a legal wedding, and he was basically a big bastard. I think he would have done a nicer job if we (tim) had hired his wife Teresa Chandran a (child) psychiatrist to give "expert opinion" but CIc would not allow husband and wife to work as a team. I was deported conditionally released from detention on $500 bond needing weekly reporting and other probationary conditions such as no letters or phone calls* on 2 feb 2008.

My actuaL deportation from Canada did not take place until 13 dec 1999 a monday. close to that time, discovered I would not need to violate any probationary condition for them to detain me. Close to that time I was also advised when I reported weekly that Carole Dubois had been replaced by the toughest and meanest woman on their squad susan crockett to make 100% sure I left Canada.

The american embassy were so interested in what i had to say that they almost gave me a visitors visa despite normal convention which bans people being deported from one country getting accepted in another. I had made contact with an experienced and emotionally mature american kevin gilday whom I did not know who said he could help me apply and get asylum providing I could make it to the Big Apple. But if you fail to make it, I can't help you he said.

The american embassy however felt they did not want to help get me my passport which Canada had an obligation to give america but only if they asked for it. then there arose the question if susan doing me a gesture of goodwill. Carole said susan had become emotionally distraught at the thought of doing me a gesture of goodwill. MY passport was going to stay inside susan's brasierre 24 into 7 carole dubois told me, until I boarded the plane to india. She would sleep with my passport.

If there was any need to really give that passport to the american embassy, susan was going to transport that passport to the american embassy still tucked in her brassiere; she was going to burst into tears if they asked for it. But susan's boss bill o'connor who had favoured handing me my passport originally told me that should I have absconded when immigration came to pick me up from my tenement in calgary at 9am on the 13th of dec 1999, that would not be a problem....

I hope that you will understand about the psychiatric shi* etc

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